About Us


The Story Of Buff Cookie Co. By Owner And Founder Nate Seredich

When I was little I used help my mom and baba (grandma) cook and bake all kinds of foods. It was something I grew to love and kept with it as I got older. When I got into bodybuilding I started making these crazy gourmet desserts for my post show treats and give them to my clients after they got done competing. Everyone loved it!


After competing for 7 years and getting so much positive, happy feedback I decided to take everyone’s advice and offer these delicious treats to everyone! I chose cookies because it was my all time favorite dessert but I wanted them to be bigger and better than anyone else has tried. So I started making them oversized and stuffed with all kinds of filler and topped with some of my favorite snacks!


I created buff cookie co with the simple mission of pleasing people from all over and help spread my love for baking into everyones home. A lot of people think It's crazy that I am a personal trainer and I bake these unhealthy desserts and have them around me when I’m dieting. The truth is I don’t believe any food is good or bad for you! There’s foods that support your goals and foods that don't. I believe in a balance year round and when its time for us all to indulge in some sugary mouth drooling desserts, I want to be there to fulfill everyones sweet tooth!

I hope they bring you joy and appreciate the chance to share my passion with you! Oh Yeah...... Don't Tell Your Trainer!